DA Arrest on rape charges Part 1

I keep going over this in my mind and rereading all the articles posting facts. I do NOT believe this woman was raped. I do NOT. For one she has done nothing like any other rape victim I have heard from or known of.  Second and more importantly the facts keep changing and getting added to. So when I start putting stuff together I do NOT believe this so called “victim.” And God help me but when I found out that her attorney was the “favored” lawyer of our last ousted DA, I so lost any trust of truth from her. 

       So on Sept. 24th people woke up to the news that Somerset County DA had been arrested for rape. The newspaper then said in the first paragraph that on Saturday he (DA Jeff Thomas) had entered her home without permission, “…Somerset County District Attorney Jeffrey Thomas repeatedly contacted a woman and then entered her Windber home uninvited on Saturday before raping her, according to police…” (#1) then comes, “…The criminal complaint in the case states that Thomas contacted the woman by SnapChat and showed up uninvited to her home. This was after she told him that he was not welcome, according to the state police investigation…” (#1) and “…She told police after receiving Thomas’ SnapChat message, “Within minutes Thomas was at her door and walked inside the residence uninvited,” Auker wrote…” (#1)

WHAT? How does someone just come in uninvited? Ever heard of not opening the door? If I tell someone not to come over and they show up anyway – they will be camping out on my doorstep until the police come because I will be calling them. And she lives in Windber – not like us in the more rural areas of the county who sometimes wait weeks for an officer to show up!

      Now ALL of this information is in the same article. Then she who accuses DA Jeff Thomas of rape waited until Tuesday to call the police? HUH? However then it states, “…Thomas brought several cans of beer when he arrived at about 11 p.m. on Saturday, she said. She told him repeatedly to leave and when he did not listen she said she slapped him. He responded by striking her in the face with his hand causing her nose to bleed, according to the affidavit…” (#1)

Why would anyone let a person in their home they had already said no to and them carrying in beer? Alcohol mixed in any situation can be horrible but esp. in a situation where someone show up AFTER being told not to. I never knew a person doing that. EVER! So in my opinion – she must really love beer or she is outright lying! Are there any pictures of said nose bleed injury? Did she go to the doctor? I bet not – even after being raped she waited to Tuesday to do anything. But I can tell you I HAVE had nosebleeds from hits and you could tell it for days, sore nose, the skin tone reddened, and swollen. Heck even the ones that were accidents and not that hard of a hit. And I always have been one who never shows bruising or redness that much. So there should be a LOT of pictures at the trial for the prosecution for sure – IF it occurred!

Then the next line is, “…Thomas began pulling down her top and then sexually and physically assaulted her inside the residence, police said…” (#1)

 Once again where is a hospital report or pictures? Women who have been strangled will tell you the bruises stayed for days. Then they fade – more than one victim said it took weeks for the marks and bruising to completely disappear. Did the police take pictures of these “injuries?”

I mean nothing was reported in any of the articles I have read yet. And as you will find out later – the rape charge was dropped…the only conclusion anyone can draw from that is there was no rape kit done, am I correct?  She still could have gone to a doctor for an examination because any women who have had forcible sex – either by rape or desire will tell you (and some have told me – more than I ever wanted to know) that there will be injuries and they too will stay for days. One rape victim told me weeks for her. So why didn’t she go get help? Plus she would need to be checked for possible sexual conditions. I mean she shares a home with her child and some venereal diseases can be past to others on the toilet seat at the very least. Plus I was told she would have been given treatment for some conditions that one can get and can be medically cured.

      Then the article states, “…The woman gave consent on Tuesday for the state police to enter her home to look for evidence. The police seized beer cans and clothing the woman was wearing on Saturday, according to the affidavit…” Now any good investigator will tell you that evidence left for any amount of time should be considered “corrupted.” I mean how long were the beer cans there? Most decent women will throw garbage away the next day, esp. since she didn’t go to the hospital or police right away. Did she go to the bar that DA Thomas goes to at times and grab a couple of his empty cans later? Goodness knows she had the time.

      Now this is the one that really floors me, “…According to the affidavit, at one point he grabbed her by her hair and neck while asking if she was going to contact the police. When she told him she would not because her daughter was in the house, he left…”

SAY WHAT? I might have told him I wouldn’t call the police but you can damn sure bet I would have locked the door after him and called the cops! Well if I was like most women and didn’t have my temper and knowledge to protect myself. However I would have still called the police that very night – no matter the outcome.

So now we go to another news source for even more information that doesn’t make a lick of sense and notice the “story” gets even better…

So in this article we get more information on said, “rape” and the child in the home.

Now here she states, “…The woman was able to push Thomas off and ran to the second floor of the house. When she came back downstairs, she said Thomas was seen masturbating on the couch…”

So if she was able to get away and run upstairs why did she not call the police, barricade her and her child in a room, find something to use as a weapon and beat the living tar out of him, maybe scream like hell out an open window, or take child and leave the residence? What for loving, decent mother would not protect her child if there is a violent rapist in the house no matter what they had to do to, as least in my way of thinking. But then it goes on to state, “…When she came back downstairs, she said Thomas was seen masturbating on the couch…” So why didn’t he just rape her again?

And if you look on his docket sheet he has a charge of “Crim Tres-Enter Structure” and Unlawful Restraint/ Involuntary Servitude.” So how does one get charged with criminal trespass when she LET HIM THROUGH THE DOOR? Plus didn’t even report the entry for several days? And how can he be charged with unlawful restraint when she admits she went upstairs and then came back down? And he left voluntary? All I have to say is there better be some damn good evidence backing her statements up.

And then, “…On Sept. 21 police then made a search of the home and found the cans of beer and clothing that the victim was wearing prior to the assault…” – what no mention of the couch cushion. Now DNA semen would be all that so why not take that first? Or did she get rid of said couch? Or maybe she cleaned it – but it would still have DNA semen on it. So was it gotten then or left for another time giving it more of a chance to be corrupted? But even if semen was present without some back up evidence it doesn’t mean she was an unwilling partner now does it?

      Next, on a different source “…But he entered the Windber home ‘by subterfuge,’ according to the New York Times, carrying several cans of beer in one arm, and handing her one…” (#3) so does this mean her beer is more important than her “NO” to coming over or her child?

And anyone who has ever read one of Thomas’ posts on pot knows he is against recreational use and doesn’t sound like he is even for medical use. And she says he smoked a joint? Sure and he is able to jump tall buildings too, huh? I mean to quote Judge Judy, ““If it doesn’t make sense, it’s usually not true.” Then “…Thomas’ alleged victim told investigators that she and Thomas had smoked marijuana together prior to the attack, but the complaint did not specify whether this meant the night in question or some other time in the past. Recreational marijuana remains illegal in Pennsylvania…” (3)

Then it states, “…Thomas then allegedly slapped her across the face, causing her nose to bleed, before pulling down her sports bra and choking her.  Thomas police said, then bit the victim’s breasts and raped her…” So there should be pictures of bite marks that were matched to his dental imprints right? Because bite marks stay for a long time…

There is more – one news source said about her trying to entrap Thomas at a local bar – but I can’t find it right now – my eyes are tired! But I will, so how do they know if the beer cans weren’t taken then?

I am by no means done with this but have decided to do it in parts. That way no one gets tired of reading and just drops it and one can go back over certain ones to look up info.

      But in closing, I want to say I sincerely hope that poor child has an active loving father, grandparent, uncle, aunt or adult friend who will look out for her. It bothers me that the victim is acting so powerless and afraid, that even when she had the chance to protect her child she chooses not to and returned to the so called “rapist.” And what for mom is their right freaking mind would tell a violent rapist in her home that she had a child upstairs AFTER the deed is done as they say?

 So until next part is done I leave you to it.

(1) https://www.dailyamerican.com/story/news/crime/2021/09/23/jeff-thomas-somerset-county-district-attorney-arrested-sexual-assault-charges-what-we-know/5825762001/

(2) https://www.wearecentralpa.com/news/local-news/somerset-county-district-attorney-charged-with-rape/?fbclid=IwAR0aXTJrUutBFU5zES-cGTAkfAEWeUsR063oC70QSoaAqi0ef-0ZVKSbOjw

(3) https://konniemoments.com/2021/09/26/somerset-pa-district-attorney-jeffrey-thomas-36-is-charged-with-rape-and-assault-after-entering-womans-home-uninvited-choking-her-and-ordering-her-not-to-call-the-cops/

12 thoughts on “DA Arrest on rape charges Part 1

  1. From a reader:
    You damn right this is a set up! Too many big time dealers have been hurt by this man and they are well connected. What a real truth? Make EVERY person in the courthouse take a hair drug test and make their results public. Everyone knows that last DA was a drunk and druggie. She screwed the cops investigations all the time and they are helping Zatko go after this man. And yes I believe Zatko is behind this. He lost big time money under the table when she lost the race. I am sending you some more stuff you should point out – including the name of the twit who filed the charges. Afraid my ass – she just wants attention.And according to some of her people she is nutter than a fruitcake. I believe it – she let the PFA go and her name went public – how afraid is she? Even the judge’s comments seem to her to keep it going. But the old dumb ass Zatko wanted her name keep private. Was it for her sake or the fact he didn’t want people to connect him to the case?
    .Well I want drugs off our streets! I am so tired of losing our future generations to overdoses. I have lost too many loved ones and friends. I hope every person who is against what Thomas is doing buries a child to Overdose. Because that way Karma can show them. And please don’t say “My kid was raised better than to take drugs.” More than one has. When this is over EVERY person who has worked and is working in the courthouse should be investigated in ALL parts of their life – finances – check out lifestyle compared to reported income. Not all of us are mindless sheep and so many of us ARE NOT AFRAID of any of these drug dealer lovers. What shocks me so much is how many republicans are against the one man who is doing what our party has fought to stop – drugs.


  2. From a reader:
    I agree with something is not right with this woman. I mean who lets anyone in their house when they said no. If she can’t stand up and keep her word, just how safe is her child? I mean would she let a drug addict in to rob her? Then drop a protection order when she was so “afraid?” I just wonder if she was a former lover or a woman who wants what another woman has? We all know women like that. And everyone right away called him guilty and are treating him like he is. Why? And man, if you look at what the police have done it’s like they are the Keystone Cops. I am not a fighter and too small to have an advantage but I would NOT let anyone in after I said no. Plus the first chance I got I would have called 911. Then there would be no doubt – but she waited from Saturday to what Tuesday or Wednesday to call the cops? That just doesn’t make any sense. Makes me wonder just how trained our state police are in these cases or are the corrupt too?.They have been after this man since he was elected, lying and all. I reread your post where that Zatko fellow and his whatever were trying to threaten you, posting your info on line. And everyone knows how many crazy drug addicts he got off and have given sweet deals because of his relationship with that old Lisa Lazzari Strasiser! His client got a joke sentence for abusing a elderly man who later died. And I bet no one even investigated to see what caused him to pass. I really believe there is more to this story than meets the eye.
    Thank you for letting me post my point and questions,


  3. From a reader:
    I used to live in Somerset County and was glad to get the hell out of there! Those people will believe anything without even looking a facts or looking at the evidence. They just decide! And Not just the local republicans – who have taken lack of intelligence to a whole NEW LOW! That’s why I am no longer part of the party – independent is for me. What kills me is when you see and heat of highly educated men and women just rushing to judgement without knowing ALL the evidence! Esp when they are lawyers themselves. What a true waste of an education. I now believe it is a set up – I didn’t give him the benefit of doubt at first – but now I am seeing things in a new light. Why are so many going after a man in so many ways to hurt him without an actual guilty verdict? Now they are after his monies – and that is nothing more than to hurt paying for his defense! And that is how corruption wins – they do all they can to stop one from proving truth. And Josh Shapiro? didn’t he create a job for the last DA when she bombed out? So just how impartial can anyone in his office be to try the case? People better get with this – because the more corruption we allow the worse it will get.


  4. You are right sir. I will be bringing up points on Josh Shapiro. And until then folks please do a search on this site on the past DA – under “why she needs to go,” her name, or “POS DA.” The cases she fixed are all there with the court documents


  5. From a reader:
    People around here need to realize how many of our “good upright law abiding citizens” enjoy the comforts of smoking a joint or pipe nightly. Jeff Thomas has been a thorn in their side. Plus too many are worried just how much he is cleaning up the drug traffic here. A lot are on the payroll of the dealers, some are dealing too, and some are addicted to different drugs here. Knew someone who said cocaine was the choice drug of use by people working in the courthouse. That’s why I tell people – look into the person’s eyes – lawyers esp. – you will see if they are using really quick..then go elsewhere if they are.


  6. We have all heard too that cocaine was the drug of most use there. About halfway into the ousted old POS ex DA term. I will say forever – the republicans are no more against drugs that the dealers or they would make it law that ALL court employees – lawyers and judges included would have to be hair tested before employment and pop blood testing during their employment.


  7. From a reader:
    In reviewing the sources I think you missed a few points. On the Wtaj site #2 it states, “…she told investigators he had a habit of getting in touch with her and to start a sexual relationship periodically over the past several years.” So if the police did their job they would have also seized Thomas’s phone, so there should be plenty of proof if she is telling the truth. In the same source, “…Tutera also said about if the incident happened on Saturday then why are there allegations at the end of the week. “What’s interesting and curious to me is that if this happened on a Saturday and we’re now at the end of the week with allegations and charges being brought on a Wednesday…” I can’t understand any woman waiting that long. I just wonder who the former partner is and why would he know unless he and Thomas are friends or the ex is stalking her.” “…. she was told by a former partner he would drive around her neighborhood.”
    Now on the 33 SOURCE, “…She reported the rape to Pennsylvania State Police on Monday.” So she waited 2 days and they waited a whole other day to get her permission? Yet the state dropped the rape charge? Why? Something is not ticking right to me. I can’t wait to read what else you post.


  8. From a reader:
    They keep going on about the beer and Birthday party. One he never lied about his side of either one. And as a dad if my son was treated as Thomas’ daughter was AND her guest, I can honestly say if the owner would have come in like the owner – cursing and yelling I would have been arrested and he would have needed medical care. When I read all about it and then talked to people who knew what happened – yeah I would have been in jail. And on the beer thing, for years people have told of drug and alcohol use in the courthouse and I am pretty sure we ALL know the past DA’s problem with drinking and driving – then given no DUI’s. Her plea deals were a joke and myself like so many others really believe the drug traffic increased greatly while she was in office. I remember reading so many obituaries of people overdosing and dying, Most were young people – our future..gone. Then when you posted the court documents showing where her deals had no mercy of little raped children, our elderly, or even animals – she made me sick as well as angry. And the commissioners have gatherings where they serve wine – how is that not against the county policy? And the county never fired the spy in his office. The camera angle was not at the floor – unless they are saying the garbage can was on a shelf and desk. Thomas put the camera in because he noticed papers on his desk messed with. That was never investigated or looked into. The pictures the newspaper published showed the shelves behind his desk. So who hired said maintenance worker to take pictures. Because there was no police investigation into the employee we will never know what confidential information was stolen. Of course the commissioners fired a man who spoke his own opinion in his own free time and last I heard he is suing the county…our taxes people. But this employee got to stay. Nice cover up – something Somerset County does extremely well. And people in this county were dumb enough to vote Walker back in. I guess they also forgot how he hired felons for our jail and then tried to stop 2 of our own jail employees from advancing to the jobs that they were very capable of doing. People need to stop thinking party and just start thinking morals, honesty, character, justice, and true integrity. Until then we are screwed.


  9. I have to agree. And I don’t care what anyone says the one commissioners had to know what her son was doing. Because he was doing to well for the area…I often wonder how many of his “clients” were in the courthouse?


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